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talk to the frog / Setup / Building a moving water feature explained
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# Posted: 31 Aug 2005 15:50 · Edited by: KittenClaw22

Instructions for building a moving water feature, waterfall or stream in your vivarium:

Step 1: Take a piece of PVC gutter and warm it up in the oven, flatten it out, but leave it slightly curved.

You could make a more narrow stream by cutting down the gutter to the desired width. Be careful of sharp edges, you might want to sand them down and/or give them a coat of silicon to avoid any possible injury to your frog.

Step 2: Put a nice coat of silicone over it and press pea gravel into the silicon, dust sand over the pea gravel. Another way would be if you placed a layer of silicon and pressed moss, grass, leaves, decorative glass or whatever you can think of into it and put a layer of pond sealant over it. This would be more decorative, but the pea gravel/sand works just fine and is safe to use. Make sure you allow ample time for the silicon or pond sealant to set up before running water over it or introducing it to your frogs. I would suggest 24-48 hours.

Step 3: Make a false bottom with a pump below it, have the pump sucking water through a tube to fall over some strategically placed rocks at one end of the stream to make the "waterfall." The waterfall end of the vivarium should be slightly elevated from the pond end of the stream, so gravity helps the water along its path, it collects in a pool at the base of the stream that either houses the pump or has some way of draining into the false bottom.

False bottom with a pump instructions:

When I began building terrariums I fought with water, trying to enclose it and keep it contained in a certain area of the tank. This inevitably led to leaks and problems with water where I didn

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talk to the frog / Setup / Building a moving water feature explained
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