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talk to the frog / General / chytrid?
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# Posted: 6 May 2012 01:01

Is it true that African clawed frogs spead the disease? Can it be stopped if so how? How does it kill the frog? How long does it take?

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# Posted: 6 May 2012 04:35 · Edited by: Sandy_Bear

Is it true that African clawed frogs spead the disease?
Yes and no. People removing the African Clawed Frogs from their natural habitat to be used as laboratory test animals, then improperly disposing of the bodies, waste water, tissue samples, etc... caused the fungus to spread.

They are also used as pets (obviously) and negligent owners release the animals into the environment, further spreading the disease.

Also, people that don't test/treat or preventively treat new pet frogs, their waste water, substrate, deceased pets not being disposed of properly.

The food industry also plays a part in spreading Chytrid. Farms that raise frogs for food (usually American Bullfrogs) not testing their animals, restaurants disposing of raw meat in the garbage, etc...

All this stuff eventually leaches into the environment

Can it be stopped if so how?
In captive animals, yes, provided the fungus hasn't progressed too far. In the wild, no, there would have to be something drastic that would probably kill off all sort of other organisms/life forms. No solution has been found yet to take care of the problem in the wild.

How does it kill the frog?
If you could imagine a flesh eating disease that inhibits your ability to drink water, to breath properly, that would also cause you to go crazy and eventually die from a heart attack, then that is kinda what Chytrid does to frogs. It is also highly contagious.

How long does it take?
It depends on the species of frog that is affected, the amount of stress the frog is under, the general health of the amphibian, how long the frog has been infected for, the temperature that the frog is being housed in, etc....

It could be a few weeks, to a few months to a couple of years. If you did have Chytrid though, you could expect to wipe out your whole collection within 3 months time, provided animals were not properly quarantined, tested, or treated.

Frogs like African Clawed Frogs, American Bullfrogs and Pacman frogs are usually considered "carriers" of the fungus. Meaning that they usually live the longest if they get infected with it, and can go without showing symptoms of the problem for a long time, until they get stressed out about something.

Usually if the frog is starting to show symptoms, it is too late for them.

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talk to the frog / General / chytrid?
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