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talk to the frog / Feeding / Bruno
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# Posted: 3 Nov 2009 06:52

This mouse was suppose to be for my 3 year old Cranwelli Horned Frog (the Horned frogs monthly meal)but my Cranwelli seems to be going into astevation. As he did the same month, last November. So my frog
the Pyxie has not eaten in about a week got to have his mouse early than usual, which is about every other month
he gets a rodent. This is one of my Pyxies 'Bruno'. He showed very little interest in his nightcrawler last night, so here is his meal. Next month when my other male African Bullfrog gets his rodent treat, Bruno will get some other form of food that day, such as crayfish.
Don't cry now, if this frog scares you!

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talk to the frog / Feeding / Bruno
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