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talk to the frog / Breeding / How much bigger will these guy have to get to breed?
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# Posted: 10 Dec 2012 16:36 · Edited by: new2frogs

I got these guys the other day and am 95% sure they are male and female. How much bigger do they need to get before they will be breeding size? One's about 1.5" the others about 2":

I have two new american green tree frogs one pacman frog and have over 20 tarantulas!!!
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# Posted: 11 Dec 2012 01:43 · Edited by: Charlie

Frog breeding is a lot more time, material, and knowledge than the average "new" keeper is usually ready for.

You need to simulate a rainy season in a tank.

The temp, humidity, barometrics, must be right for the specified breed.

Now for the hard part... When you actually get them to breed, you have to be ready to accommodate hundreds of tadpoles, and eventual froglets (both of which are the hardest to care for).

Again more temp monitoring, and toss in water changes, and frequent feeding.

You'll need hundreds of containers to house and monitor the tiny frogs, and you'll need fruit flies, or pin head crickets by the thousands, because young frogs need to eat more often than older frogs.

This is pretty much around the area where your hobby becomes a second/third job.

Now on another subject... you have an austrailian/indonesian whites tree frog there on the right... I'm not sure what the left one is in this photo.

This is an Australian GTF a.k.a. WTF

This is an American GTF

You have a lot of homework to do if you want to successfully breed frogs. Try the search function, there is a wealth of past info on this subject here.

We can never go back to the way it was...
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talk to the frog / Breeding / How much bigger will these guy have to get to breed?
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