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talk to the frog / Help / HELP!! My golden bell frog is sick :'(
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# Posted: 3 Jan 2013 02:29

My frog, Fredo, has been with me for just over 4 years (but is probably around 5/6ish - the cat brought him in fully grown from the wild). Hes been doing great however for the last couple of days he has sat in the same corner of his tank - a corner that he never goes into, and will not eat anything. I have sprayed him with a little water now and again seeing he hasnt been in his pond. He has also turned dark green even though the corner he is in is very light. What can I do????

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# Posted: 3 Jan 2013 05:19 · Edited by: Charlie

Try not to directly spray him, it could stress him out...

I've had frogs go weeks without eating anything, I wouldn't sweat a couple days yet...

He might be retreating to that corner because it is drier/wetter/warmer/colder/less contaminated than the other part(s) of the tank...

Frogs change colors, they have a bright, and a dark phase. It's like a natural camo thing...

Some things we need to know so we can help out better:

Tank temp
Tank humidity
Tank size
Species & location rescued
Substrate type
Feeding schedule & type(s) of food
Tank location
General tank setup (lighting, ventilation, etc)

There are many variables involved in frog keeping that can affect it's stress levels, health, and well being.

As always, photos of your setup, are always helpful.

Welcome to TheFrog.

We can never go back to the way it was...
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talk to the frog / Help / HELP!! My golden bell frog is sick :'(
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