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# Posted: 24 Dec 2010 20:57

*First of all, i would like to say that one of my froggies died last week , that will help this story make more sense.*

So today my dad and my sister and I went out to buy crix 4 the weekend. After i saw how sick and week and skinny the FBTs were at at PetCo we went to petsmart. I thought we were just looking to see the FBTs for when i get one after Christmas, so i pointed out the one that was healthiest and that i like best. It was a golden brown with alert eyes, a fat frog and it was adorable! so then i went to check out heaters for my tank. Then i went to go get my sister, and i saw her filling out a form with a petsmart guy. So that's how i got Noel, my Christmas Eve frog. I decided to name her Noel because it's practically Christmas. That is one of the best xmas presents ive ever recieved.

Well when i open the camera i got myself for xmas tomorrow i'll (for sure!) post pics of my beautiful Noel. (she is a gal, i checked her toes and arms.)

~the girl with so many FBT questions . . . . remember me?
pets: 2 FBT 3 sisters 1 golden retriever 2 parents
1 patternless leo 1 guinea pig
2 bettas 1 cat
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talk to the frog / General chat / Meet Noel
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