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talk to the frog / General chat / What fabulous things to spoil my FBTs can i get with my bulging wallet?
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# Posted: 21 Dec 2010 23:45

aside from two other to-be-newbies.
So, since i don't trust pet smart anymore, [they're evil, they take sucky care of their animals and support euthenasia for animals, also the FBTs are so skinny you can practically see their bones, so it looks like skin draped over a bone] I decided to get my fire belly toads from PetCo this year because they are a dollar cheaper and fat and red bellies. Not to mention a nice variety of colors.
I'm thinking about gettiong an exoterrium or whatever and some nice things to spoil my frogs. FBT safe, though. And some nice fattening foods for them, but healthy. The works, you know, awesome tank set up.
Did i mention my budget it $140?
yeah, come, on, help me, y'all!!!

~the girl with so many FBT questions . . . . remember me?
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# Posted: 23 Dec 2010 14:27

Are you planning on re-using any of your current supplies/decorations/equipment for your new tank set up? How big of an exo are you planning on getting.
Have you checked Craigs List out to see if there are any deals to be had? or are you planning on getting everything new?

When I set up my tank, I got some live plants from Walmart for it
I got some pieces of slate from the garden centre
My mom went to a "rock show" and picked up some awesome looking rocks
I also got 2 mini/small exoterra caves in it
The tank itself is a 36x18x18, and I paid about $250CDN for it new
I went to the glass shop and got a piece of 5mm thick glass cut to divide the tank in half, so it's 50% water/land
I have had 2 different types of filters in there, one is the "Tetrafauna Decorative Repto Filter", and the other is a "Fluval" modle that goes inside the tank for herps.

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talk to the frog / General chat / What fabulous things to spoil my FBTs can i get with my bulging wallet?
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