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talk to the frog / Feeding / Fruit Fly Medium Question
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# Posted: 16 Oct 2010 03:51

I was wondering if it is possible to substitute the instant mash for something else when making up Fruit Fly cultures?

such as:
Oatmeal, (either cooked or dry oats)
Cream of Wheat (either cooked or dry)
Plain breakfast cereals (like bran flakes, corn flakes, Cherrios)
cooked beans (mashed up)
Peas (mashed up)
Sweet potatoes (mashed up)
"Real" mashed potatoes

Other idea I had was this:
I have a "juice extractor" for making fruit and vegetable juices, and when I make juice, there is a reservoir for the pulp.
If I were to make carrot juice, would the pulp left over from the carrots make a good medium for fruit flies?

I'm going to be making up some cultures tomorrow, so I might do some experimenting


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# Posted: 16 Oct 2010 17:49

There are LOTS of ideas you can do with small batches, back in the early 90's if you didn't have the blue Carolina Mix then you were poop out of luck.

I often made a mix with baby cereal and fruit juice mixed w/ corn meal, ground fine. Vinegar and mollasses. A little yeast.. The one thing I found saves the day is a GOOD mold inhibitor. Back then it was hit or miss. One culture would do well, the next would mold.

So give it a try, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I still use several items from the day in my mix. But I have retired a few as well..

Like the old glass jars.

But I may try those again, I HATE throwing away the cups and I hate trying to wash them. Blah!
Northeast Tropical Pet & Aquarium (Harrison ME)
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talk to the frog / Feeding / Fruit Fly Medium Question
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