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talk to the frog / Breeders and Deals / NARBC reptile expo Tinley Park Il.
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michael novy
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# Posted: 5 Oct 2013 08:40

It’s going to be a heck of a weekend in Tinley Park!!. October 12th and 13th. Come join us for the largest and best reptile and amphibian expo in the country!!!
Here is some of what we will have at the table:
CB treefrogs:
Red eyes – subadult - $40 ea.
Red eyes – juvies - $25 ea.
Albino red eyes – juvies -$45 ea.
Black red eyes – juvies - $80 ea.
Black eyed treefrogs - $50 – ea.
Hylomantis lemurs – juvies - $75 ea.
Amazon milk frogs – juvies - $45 ea.
Australian blue whites treefrog – juvies - $30 ea.
Phyllomedusa tomopterna – adults - $50 ea.
Cruziohyla calcarifer – juvies - $225 ea.
Cruziohyla craspedopus – sexable trio 2.1 - $2500
V. mossy frogs – adult males - $60 ea.

CB darts:
D. tinctorius – citronella - $35 ea.
D.tinctorius – yellow backs - $40 ea.
D. tinctorius – azureus - $30 ea.
D. leucomelas – orange - $45 ea.
D. leucomelas – chocolate - $65 ea.
D. galactonotus – yellow - $40 ea.
P. vittatus – red striped - $30 ea.
R. vanzolini - $65 ea.
R. benidicta - $125 ea.
R. lamasi – orange - $35 ea.
R. amazonicus – Todd Kelley line - $90ea.
Will have N. kaiseri ( Iranian newts) - $80 ea.
Day geckos, chameleons and anoles:
Grandis day geckos - $60 ea.
Standingii day geckos - $80 ea.
Anolis allisonii - $125 ea. or 2@$200
Het pied/trans veiled chameleons - all female- $100 ea.
Fat tails: All adult males are between 55 and 80 grams and females are 45+grams. The rest that do not say adult is 25+ grams

Patternless striped whiteout males 65+ grams - $600 ea.
Patternless whiteout adult males- $500 ea.
Whiteout het for patternless adult females- $300 ea.
Het for patternless adult males- $80 ea.
Het for patternless females- $100ea.
Patternless striped females 25+ grams - $250
Whiteout females 30+ grams - $300 ea.

I will also have some younger fat tails with me.


Universal rock (imitation rock that looks natural and is great for creating waterfalls and planters in your vivariums) and I will have many ready to install as a waterfall/planter
Black and clear Aquarium silicone
Tropical plants
Live sheet moss
Orchid moss
Orchid bark ( 2 sizes available)
Water pumps (3 sizes available)
Fruit flies
Fruit fly media
Cricket gut load (now have 3 sizes available)
I will also have ladies tank tops.


For more info on purchasing/reserving animals or supplies, please feel to contact me via phone 216-965-2856. I probably will not have a chance to get on the computer.
For more info about the show and its location please feel free to visit

It’s going to be a great show and I look forward to seeing everyone from the previous years’ and new frogger faces!
Thanks again and frog on!
Michael Novy

Michael Novy
hyla leucophyllata ,ebbraccata,marmorata
p. tomopturna, savaugi, bicolor,hypocondrialis,hypocondrialis azurea, vaillanti, trinitatis,
albino redeyes,black eyes, yellow eyes, dendrobatids
amazon milk frogs, n. pictus
Rick Cabrera
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155 posts

# Posted: 28 Jan 2014 09:04

Do u think you will be able to make it out to the Anaheim, CA show in September?

2 Red eyes, 1 albino red eye, 3 Bumble bee Dart frogs, 2 Green and Black Auratus
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talk to the frog / Breeders and Deals / NARBC reptile expo Tinley Park Il.
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