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talk to the frog / Memorials / Important - Before Posting Please Read!!
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# Posted: 21 Mar 2005 05:02

I am making a bulk post for all to read. This should cover just about everything that new and old should know about our little site here.

The following are links to the threads everyone should read.

Rules & Etiquette &forum=1&topic=16193

Forum FAQs &forum=1&topic=5347

Search feature &forum=1&topic=6115

Old Threads &forum=1&topic=5808

Mixing &forum=3&topic=51

Now for a few answers to other common questions.

1. Your avatar picture will only change as you post. These posts must be ligit! If you are found making random posts to boost your count and get your avatar to change... I will delet the random posts and force you to take steps backwards.

2. Picture posting First you must upload your photo to a hosting sight such as

Kingsnake humb=1

Once you have your photos hosted right click the image and choose Properties, highlight the jpg string and copy, come back here, click the icon above the text box with the three shapes (green circle, orange square and pink triangle) whic will put [img]past-your-image-URL-here[/img]
Now, highlight the past-your-image-URL-here
( yes we know... it's spelled wrong ) and replace it with your jpg string. TADA! You have just posted a picture!

Please try to resize your images so that we don't have to wait for an 11x14 image to load.

If you have any issues, problems or questions pleaase feel free to email me at <a href="">EllasMommie@ya</a> or <a href=""></a> and I will try to help in any way.

It is VERY important for everyone to please try and follow these rules. ESPECIALLY the Forum Rules & Etiquette!!!

I will add to this thread as things are brought to my attention. Have fun... be nice and most of all ENJOY!

Thank you all for your time!

* Heather *

1.1.0 Dendrobate Azureus
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talk to the frog / Memorials / Important - Before Posting Please Read!!
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