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talk to the frog / Care Sheets / Spring Peeper Care Guide
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# Posted: 10 Mar 2006 21:58

This is my third care guide and first for this site so bare with me. My others are for Bearded Dragons, and White Tree Frogs.

Now First Off, this is a great little frog that is frequently wild caught by young kids in most states higher than Virginia. They tend to "Peep" alot so don't buy or catch one of these enless ur ok with that.

Tank Size Recomendations

I personally keep mine in a 10 gallon and he/she has been in there for over 8 months with out problem. I also recromend the 5gallon hex tanks, these are great because of there height. You can find both of these tanks from any local pet shop for about $5-$10.


I prefer the premade bark and soil mix for tropical, you can make your own by mixing topsoil, coconut bark, and as i call them coconut bricks which fluff up and expand. I replace the substrate after about 3-4 months because the soil ussually has the poo just kind of fertilize in the soil and disapears.


Simply 1 pinhead sized cricket a day and i like to give him a wax worm that is cut in half and put it in a dish.

Plants and Decorations

I prefer to have a bit of moss on top at certain places just to give it some looks. Also ferns look nice. I always put a branch for him to climb on.


I have not used heat of any type for him. Its ussually about 65 in my house in winter and 75-80 in summer so it is ideal for him.

As you can see these little animals are easy to maintain and are great for a woodland setup.

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talk to the frog / Care Sheets / Spring Peeper Care Guide
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