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# Posted: 9 Nov 2012 15:47

Hello everyone--

I am an environmental educator in Newark, NJ. The organization I work for serves those students in the surrounding urban areas (Newark, Elizabeth, Irvington, Jersey City, etc). I am researching the best way to create a setup for a few green frogs for a new program we are developing. We would like to make it look as naturalistic as possible, but still have the students be able to view the frogs easily during the program. I have a background in animal husbandry but have never created an enclosure myself, so I'm looking for some advice!

We were hoping to have three green frogs (Rana Clamitans) in one enclosure. I was told a 40-gallon breeder tank set up as half land/half water would be a good start. Iíve been weighing the options of glass vs. SeaClear acrylic. Any opinions?

Should it actually be a 50/50 ratio or should one of the sides be larger? What is the best substrate to use for the land side? What types of plants do you recommend? We have a lot of native plants on site & in our greenhouse that I would be able to use if they would be ok for the frogs. Do you think it would be ok to pull some lily pads directly out of our on-site pond?

Should I use gravel on the bottom of the water side, and to make a slope from one side to the other? Iím a little worried about doing that because I keep reading that it can get impacted if they eat it. Any recommendations on what type of gravel to get?

How deep should the water be? I think I read 6 inches, does this sound right?

Is there an aquarium heater anyone recommends? Also, what temperature should I try to keep the water at?

I'm thinking that it would probably be easier to breed crickets for them to eat, rather than have to buy them every few days. Any advice on this? Also, any "accessories" I might not be thinking of (thermometer, humidity gauge, etc)?

Will they need a specific type of light or is just standard hood with the florescent bulb ok to use? Remember, we are actually displaying these to the public.

Most importantly, does anyone know where I can purchase captive bred green frogs? Since most people are looking for more exotic frogs as pets, I have been having a bit of a hard time finding where I can buy them!

I know this is a lot of questions, but I am trying to make this as attractive as possible for the students without stressing out the frogs. (And don't worry--the students will NOT be handling the animals!)
Thanks for the help!

Gnag the nameless
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# Posted: 11 Nov 2012 07:05

Here is a good website to look on: g/default.htm s/information/Rana_clamitans.html

These websites will give you a good supply of information. I rely on them myself, as I am a keeper of two Green Frogs, which I keep in a twenty gallon tank. I used the above websites, and advice from K412, and other experts on this website to help me design my tank. I'd do the same if I were you, but rely on the website, especially the Green Frog Directory. Prepare for certain situations such as if Chytrid or Red leg appear, and prep yourself if you need to force-feed your frogs. Remember, you will need to buy ten liter jugs of non-chlorinated water constantly, or get a reliable way to non-chlorinate the water on a daily basis.

These frogs require a lot of time, attention, and care, being an aquatic species. They may grow to become very large, and so, make sure the environment is big enough. One warning I truly stress is aggressive males. Male frogs will attack, possibly kill other frogs during the mating season in an attempt to gain dominance. One more important note is the fact that it is truly hard to buy Green Frogs. I'm not even certain if you can in certain cities/provinces/states. As to answer one of your previous questions, it is rather risky to take plants from the wild and put them in their tank, as they could contain viruses, or other bad things for your frogs. I'd ask an expert on that, not I, as I myself am fairly new to keeping frogs.

Best of luck, and I hope your program exceeds well.

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# Posted: 11 Nov 2012 22:38

Temp and humidity gauges are always needed unless you've been keeping them for a long time.
There is a care sheet here that is good. You want to mimic their natural environment as best you can.
Post some pictures if you can of the frogs, it's common to mistake one species for another especially at small sizes.

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talk to the frog / Setup / Help with Green Frog Setup
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