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# Posted: 1 Apr 2013 18:43

Hi all, I am new to the community but have been keeping reptiles and amphibians for years. I recently purchased (more like rescued) a Red eyed tree frog from the local Petco. I brought the first one back because I noticed a large lump which i believed to be some kind of parasitic worm which would persist until treated. The new RETF (appears to be male although no calling yet) went into my vivarium and has been doing great for a week or so.

I will admit to being a little under-informed about keeping the species but have done well to keep the temp between 68-80F and humidity near 55-75%. Using a 75 watt night bulb to keep temps regulated and everything seems good. Yoda is eating great and gets moving as soon as its dark. I do have a few concerns with my vivarium however.

The Petco associates made me believe having a rock/soil substrate with moss ground cover would be fine for the RETF. I told them I had collected the live moss and ferns from our local forest and they didn't have any concerns with disease or bugs affecting the frog. I let the vivarium settle for at least a month before adding my RETF and didn't notice any weird bugs beside a friendly earthworm and a moth or two that hatched.

I am concerned that may be I am putting my RETF in an unsanitary environment. I use ice mountain water for soaking and misting because the tap water is quite bad around here. I did collect all the plants over winter in hopes most bugs and bacteria would be dead however wasn't sure how to disinfect the moss or ferns without killing them.

Any help on whether or not my setup is stressing or possibly killing my RETF would be greatly appreciated, I want to get this right.


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talk to the frog / General / Vivarium questions
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