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# Posted: 31 Mar 2008 16:54

(written by Nuggular)

It is a very bad idea to house different species of anything together. There are some main concerns that will help you see this.

1. They can transfer parasites to eachother and will ultimately lead to a greater problem or even death.

2. The tempuratures and humidity (climate) for each animal is different. Therefore making it very hard to maintain a correct climate for each animal. This will also lead to health problems and the death of one or even both of your animals.

3. They may hate eachother and will fight. This will cause major problems.

4. If one is larger than the other, it might try to eat the smaller one.

5. They may stress eachother out, which in most cases causes them not to eat and become very skinny and sickly.

6. A small tank is just not a big enough recreation of nature to shove competing species into it. There is nowhere for the other animals to go to get away from eachother.

To even think about mixing species, you would first need alot of experience keeping many different species separately. Mixing is not something for someone starting out. It is hard to do correctly. Next, you would have to do A LOT of research and find out what species can safely be housed together. You would need to find animals that have the same temp and humidity requirements. Then, you would have to get at least a 100 gallon tank to provide the correct amount of space needed to give each animal its own spot in the tank so that it has somewhere to go to get away from the other if it wants to.

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talk to the frog / General / Mixing Species Info - Please Read
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