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talk to the frog / Care Sheets / Malaysian Leaf Frog (Megophrys nasuta)
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# Posted: 4 Aug 2003 00:30

Malaysian Leaf Frog
(Megophrys Nasuta)

Tank Size- A tall tank is reccomended for this species by Reptiles magazine. They are not treefrogs, but can jump very high and you wouldn't want them getting out, or injuring themselves on the top. I would suggest at least a 20 high for an adult specimen, but this is the bare minimum. These frogs get large. Females can reach almost 6 inches.

Food- Megophyrys nasuta can intake very large food items. Some common food items are crickets, roaches, mealworms (cut off heads), wax worms, pinkies, etc. These frogs eat a lot of food, so be fare warned.

Temperature and Lighting- As suggested in REPTILES magazine, temperatures from 70-77*F are good for this species. As for lighting, I'm not quite sure as I have not kept this species and have no experience. I would just ask the business who you are buying them from what they use and they should provide you with that information.

Humidity- REPTILES magazine suggest a humidity level of around 80% for these frogs, but the air should not get stagnant, so a screen top is recommended.

Tank Decor- A substrate of bed-a-beast mixed with dried leaves should work well. Remember to put a thick layer of substrate, because they do burrow. I would also suggest cork curls for them to hide under. These cork curls can be found at . Their tank should look more like the under story of a forest with lots of wood pieces to hide under and leaves, not bromeliads and moss like dart frogs. Pothos is a good plant for them to hide under as well. A background is needed to makje a barrier for the frogs so they don't jump into the glass. I have never tried this, but a cork bark background may look nice with them. You can get cork bark panels at black jungle as well. A large enough water area/bowl is needed, because they do frequent water areas a lot.

Breeding- Their breeding call is a single-noted "ching!" When slightly disturbed, they will stop their soft calling. These frogs don't lay a lot of eggs, but they are relatively large eggs. They lay their eggs mainly under rocks and logs near the water's edge.

Tadpoles- Tadpoles have a very large funnel-shaped mouth. They cling their mouth's to the water's surface and hang vertically. This helps them with their food strategy and getting as much as possible.

Derek Benson - Phyllomedusa/Hyperolius Enthusiast
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talk to the frog / Care Sheets / Malaysian Leaf Frog (Megophrys nasuta)
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