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talk to the frog / Care Sheets / Asian Painted Frog/Chubby Frog (Kaloula pulchra)
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# Posted: 3 Aug 2003 17:13

Introduction: The Asian Painted Frog is a great frog to keep in captivity. They do go by other common names such as Asian Chubby Frog, Asian Bull Frog, Malayan Narrow-mouthed toad and Painted Frog but I like Asian Painted Frog the best because it says a lot about them. They are an attractively colored frog. Most are light brown with two tan stripes on their backs and in between them there is a dark chocolate brown blotch. I have also seen ones that don't have much of the two tan stripes on there backs. Adults mature at around 2 or 3 inches in diameter and are very chubby. If you have seen one you can understand why they are sometimes referred to as Asian Chubby Frogs.

They are nocturnal and like to burrow so you won't see to much of your frog during the daytime. If you turn off all the lights in the room except for one small lamp far from the Asian Painted Frog's cage it will encourage them to come out. I often would find mine in the water dish bathing when I made the lighting that way.

Caging: Caging for these frogs doesn't have to be too complex. A 10 gallon glass aquarium (L20" W10" H12"[img][/img] is a size that one frog can live in it's whole life. Use a tight fitting screen cover because these frogs, believe it or not, are escape artists.

A substrate that holds moisture well and allows the frog to burrow works well. Coconut husk fiber (brand names are bed-a-beast, eco earth, forest bed, etc.) works great for burrowing amphibians like asian painted frogs. Other possible substrates are cypress mulch, peat moss or leaf litter. Foam rubber or sphagnum moss can be used when temporarily housing these frogs. Gravel and sand should not be used because they can be swolled and cause blockage inside the frog.

Decor for the cage can consist of fake plants, cork bark, drift wood, moss and rocks. You could also use live plants that are kept in their pots. If the plants were planted directly in the substrate they would probably be dug up by the frog.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for Asian Painted Frogs is between 72F and 76F during the day with a small drop in temperature during the night.

Water: A small shallow water dish should be available at all times. It should not be any deeper than the frog because asian painted frogs do not swim well. The water should be changed every other day or if it appears dirty. If you use tap water make sure to treat the water with tap water conditioner to remove chlorine, chloramines and hard minerals.

Food: These frogs eat like horned frogs (pac-man frogs). They sit and wait until a food item moves close to them and then they spring out from hiding and eat it. Asian Painted Frogs can be fed a number of food items. Crickets and earth worms can make up the main part of their diet. Feed them 3-6 crickets every two days. Wax worms and meal worms can also be offered as an occasional treat for your frog.

Original care sheet can be found at


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talk to the frog / Care Sheets / Asian Painted Frog/Chubby Frog (Kaloula pulchra)
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