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talk to the frog / Breeders and Deals / Cleveland reptile show Aug. 25th
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michael novy
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# Posted: 19 Aug 2013 19:43

The Cleveland reptile show is happening this Sunday Aug. 25th.
We'll have some some frogs and supplies to start you stocking up for the winter.

Redeye subadults - $40 ea
Albino subadult -$80 ea.
Albino Redeye juvies - $40 ea
Black redeyes - $80 ea.
Hylomantis Lemur - $75 ea.
Amazon milk frogs - $45 ea.
Australian whites treefrogs juvies - $30

D. Tinctorius Cintronella Froglets - $35 ea.
D. Azureus - Froglets - $30 ea.
D. Leucomelas -orange-Froglets - $45 ea.
D. galactonotis yellow - $40 ea.
P. Vittatus Red Stripe- Froglets- $30 ea.
R. Vanzolini Froglets - $70 ea.
R. Orange Lamasi Froglets - $40ea.

Axolotls subadult - $25 ea.
Giant day geckos -$60 ea.
Standingii day geckos - $80 ea.

Universal rock (perfect light weight formations that are great for waterfalls and planters)
Aquarium silicone (black and clear)
Water pumps
Live sheet moss
Orchid moss
Tropical plants
Orchid bark
Fruit flies (hydei and melanos)
Fruit fly media
Cricket gutload

For more info about the show and directions please visit Home - All Cleveland Reptile Show & Sale.
For more info and ordering animals and supplies, please contact me via phone@ 216-965-2856.

Thanks again and we'll see you there.

Michael Novy

Michael Novy
hyla leucophyllata ,ebbraccata,marmorata
p. tomopturna, savaugi, bicolor,hypocondrialis,hypocondrialis azurea, vaillanti, trinitatis,
albino redeyes,black eyes, yellow eyes, dendrobatids
amazon milk frogs, n. pictus
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talk to the frog / Breeders and Deals / Cleveland reptile show Aug. 25th
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