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talk to the frog / Website news / References (please read)
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# Posted: 25 Mar 2008 20:43 · Edited by: ravencelt

Since this topic has been brought up several times as of late, please understand the following as it pertains to this forum:

Posting anything that the general public would not deem "family friendly" is not acceptable. We have let many things go in the past, but from here on out, posts will be monitored and deleted if they break the rules of conduct.

Frankly, most of us who post often are adults, and most of us are not affected by adult humor or content. The mods aren't out to police every word that comes out of your mouth. But the fact remains that this forum exists for discussion on animal care. Several of our members as well as people passing through are young adults and/or children. We have made the decision to welcome people of all ages here so they can get information about their pets, and as such a place, it's simply in our best interest to keep a lid on questionable material.

We all have different values and tolerances for these things, and the best thing we can all do as a community is to respect each other and use common sense. If you have to ask whether it's appropriate, don't post it!

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talk to the frog / Website news / References (please read)
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